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Test Pattern

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Test Pattern

  1. Topic Wise Test (TWT):- There are 67 topic wise test and time duration of each test is 1:00 Hour.
  2. Full Length Test (FLT):- These full length tests are as per CSIR-NET Exam pattern. There are 75 questions in each out of 75 questions 55 number of questions have to be attempt and time duration is 03:00 Hour. Total number of test is five.
  3. Student can attempt more than 1700 number of questions.

Topic Wise Test (TWT) Schedule

01 Mathematical Physics
Status Name of Test Topics
Released TWT -01 Vector Analysis
TWT -02 Dirac Delta Function
TWT -03 Ordinary Differential Equation
TWT -04 Linear Algebra and Matrices
TWT -05 Fourier Series
TWT -06 Complex Number and Functions
TWT -07 Complex Integration / Contour Integration
TWT -08 Fourier Transform and Laplace Transform
TWT -09 Special functions-Hermite, Bessel, Laguerre and Legendre functions


02 Classical Mechanics
Status Name of Test Topics
Released TWT -01 Lagrangian Formalism
TWT -02 Small Oscillation, Phase Curve and Stability Analysis
TWT -03 Central Force
TWT -04 Hamiltonian Formalism
TWT -05 Poisson Bracket, generating function and canonical transformation
TWT -06 Rotational Dynamics
TWT -07 Special Theory of Relativity


03 Electromagnetic Theory
Status Name of Test Topics
Released TWT -01 Coulomb’s Law, Gauss Law, Electrostatic Potential, Poisson’s & Laplaces Equations, Electrostatic Energy and Properties of Conductor
TWT -02 Electric Dipole, Polarisation, Electrostatic Boundary Conditions, Multipole Expansion and Image Problem
TWT -03 Motion of Charged Particles in Electric and Magnetic Fields, Magnetic Force Experienced by Current Elements, Biot Savart Law and Amperes Law
TWT -04 Magnetic Vector Potential, Magnetic Dipole, Magnetisation, Magnetostatic Boundary Conditions
TWT -05 Elecromagnetic Induction, Maxwell Equations
TWT -06 E.M. Wave in Free Space, Dielectrics, Conductors, Reflection and Transmission
TWT -07 Rectangular Wave Guide, Potential Formulation for Time Varying Fields, and Radiation from Moving Charges


04 Quantum Mechanics
Status Name of Test Topics
Released TWT -01 Wave Particle Duality & Uncertainty Principle
TWT -02 Tools of Quantum Mechanics Part – 1
TWT -03 Tools of Quantum Mechanics Part – 2
TWT -04 Postulates of Quantum Mechanics
TWT -05 Free Particle, Potential barriers and Potential Well
TWT -06 1D Harmonic Oscillator, Dirac Function and 2D, 3D in Cartesian Coordinate
TWT -07 Angular Momentum, Hydrogen Atom and Spin
TWT -08 Approximation Method
TWT -09 Scattering, Identical particles and Relativistic Quantum Mechanics


05 Thermodynamic and Statistical Physics
Status Name of Test Topics
Released TWT -01 Kinetic Theory of Gases and Maxwell Boltzmann Distribution Law
TWT -02 Transport Phenomenon, Real Gases, First and Second Law
TWT -03 Entropy, Thermodynamic Potentials, Maxwell Relations
TWT -04 Blackbody Radiation and Elementary Statistical Mechanics
TWT -05 Random Walk Problem and Micro Canonical Ensemble
TWT -06 Canonical Ensemble
TWT -07 Quantum Statistics
TWT -08 Phase Transition and Grand Canonical Ensemble


06 Electronics and Experimental Methods
Status Name of Test Topics
Released TWT -01 Network Analysis
TWT -02 Semiconductor Physics
TWT -03 PN Junction diode and their Applications
TWT -04 Bipolar Junction Transistors, DC and AC Analysis
TWT -05 Operational Amplifier
TWT -06 Digital Electronics -1
TWT -07 Digital Electronics – 2


07 Atomic & Molecular Physics
Status Name of Test Topics
Released TWT -01 Bohr’s Theory and Sommerfeld Model
TWT -02 Fine Structure
TWT -03 L-S & J-J Coupling
TWT -04 Zeeman Effect
TWT -05 Paschen Back Effect & Hyperfine Structure
TWT -06 Rotational Spectroscopy
TWT -07 Vibrational and Raman Spectra
TWT -08 Laser


08 Solid State Physics
Status Name of Test Topics
Released TWT -01 Crystal Structure
TWT -02 XRD and Reciprocal Lattices
TWT -03 Lattice Vibrations
TWT -04 Specific Heat of Solid
TWT -05 Free Electron Theory
TWT -06 Band Theory of Solid
TWT -07 Superconductor


09 Nuclear and Particle Physics
Status Name of Test Topics
Released TWT -01 General properties of nuclei
TWT -02 Liquid Drop Model
TWT -03 Shell Models and Collective Models
TWT -04 Nuclear Forces
TWT -05 Radioactivity
TWT -06 Alpha beta and gamma decay
TWT -07 Nuclear Reactions, Fission and Fusion
TWT -08 Particle Physics


Full Length Test (FLT) Pattern And Schedule

Total Number of Questions for each topic: 75 Questions

Part A Questions (2.0 Marks): 20 Questions

Part B Questions (3.5 Marks): 25 Questions

Part C Questions (5.0 Marks): 30 Questions

Date Name of Test Syllabus
To be announced soon FLT – 01 Complete Syllabus of NET-JRF
To be announced soon FLT – 02 Complete Syllabus of NET-JRF
To be announced soon FLT – 03 Complete Syllabus of NET-JRF
To be announced soon FLT – 04 Complete Syllabus of NET-JRF
To be announced soon FLT – 05 Complete Syllabus of NET-JRF


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