Kinetic Theory

  1. Kinetic Theory
    1. Basic Assumptions of Kinetic Theory of Gases
    2. Calculation of Pressure Exerted by an Ideal Gas
    3. Ideal Gas Law
    4. Kinetic Interpretation of Temperature
  2. Mean Free Path of Ideal Gases
    1. Mean Free Path
    2. Survival Equation
    3. Basic of Transport Phenomenon
  3. Density of State
    1. Density of State
    2. Density of State in Three Dimension
    3. Density of State in Two Dimension
    4. Density of State in One Dimension
  4. Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution
    1. Distribtuion of Distinguishable Particle in Quantum State
    2. Maxwell Boltzmann Energy Distribution
    3. Average , RMS, Most Probable Energy
    4. Maxwell-Boltzmann Velocity Distribution
    5. Average, RMS and Most Probable Speed